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Social Media Management Vs Social Media Marketing

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In the past few years, marketing blogs have mentioned about the importance of your businesses online presence. You have probably heard phrases like, “Your audience is online more than ever” or “The average Malaysian spends X amount of hours online each day”. It’s not that those phrases were false, it’s just that they were used almost to the point like an exaggeration.

Social media marketing | Kevin K Blog post

social media management vs social media marketing

And then a pandemic hit! And we realized that the only way to sustain our business is to expand it online using. So now, when we tell you that your online presence matters more than ever before, we REALLY mean it this time.

If you’re going to use your social media platforms to connect with your audience, you need to make sure you’re using them well and that requires using both social media management and social media marketing.

While these both might sound like the same thing, they are not and there is difference in these two as they are two necessary components of your digital marketing strategy.


Social Media Management involves managing, creating and publishing contents on any social media platform accounts. Basically growing your traffic, audience and branding on all your social media platforms. Social Media Management ensures you’re using your social media accounts intentionally and authentically (Focus on creating an online presence and brand awareness).


Social Media Marketing means using your social media business accounts with the intent to market and grow your business. With social media marketing, you are creating and publishing contents with a specific purpose, to engage visitors and direct them to your website. Part of social media marketing involves advertising that will help to expand your reach and increase your rate of conversions (Sales).


While social media management focuses more on the use of your Social Media Accounts, Branding Presence, Followers Growth and Traffic, social media marketing focuses more on Creating and Executing a strategy to generate Leads, Reach and Conversion through your presence on social media.

*social media management vs social media marketing

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

With the right strategy and plan, it's possible for your business to use social media management and marketing to build your brand, create an authentic presence, increase traffic, increase conversions and at the same time provide value to your audience while growing your business.

Having a tough time on growing your social media pages? Running out of contents to create for your social media pages? Dont know how to create design posts for your social media pages? Cant get traffic, reach and conversions through your ads?

Get in touch with us for a free consultation or hire us to solve all your above problems.

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